There’s some paperwork that needs to be taken care of before you come to stay at Mountain View –                                                                                        Temporary Food Permit – if you’ll be using the camp kitchen, you’ll need to fill out a Temporary Food Permit (TFP) with the Carroll County Health Department (it’s free!). Call them at (410) 876-1884 and they’ll send you the paperwork. You’ll fill it out and return it to them. They’ll approve it and return it to you, then you’ll mail a copy to Mountain View. Please don’t expect the Health Dept. to send the approved paperwork to us – they’re plenty busy. Mountain View needs your completed paperwork in hand 30 days before your scheduled event. Also, please bring the hard copy with you and keep it in the kitchen.   TIP: Some groups have the person heading up the kitchen staff take care of this paperwork.                                                                                                    Liability Insurance – Groups are to submit proof of liability insurance, with at least $5,000 in medical coverage per person for every individual in your group. You can e-mail or snail mail the form provided by your insurance company – please do so at least 60 days prior to your scheduled activity.                    Agreement to present Christ’s Gospel – this will be sent to you when you reserve a spot at Mountain View. This form states that the gospel (as laid out by the scriptural guidelines on the sheet – also found on the “What Mountain View is About” page of this website), will be presented to your group during your stay. This is to assure that all groups are clear on their purpose at Mountain View.                                                                                                                        Director’s Guide/Insurance Signoff – you’ll be sent a current Mountain View Director’s Guide & Signoff sheet. After you’ve read the Guide in full, please sign and return the signoff sheet, which states that your group understands and will follow what’s in the Guide, and that your liability/medical insurance is in order.