The following was written by Mr. Ed Scoggins, who was the last surviving founder and member of the first Board of Mountain View Bible Camp.                 Ed passed away in 2012.
     In July 1947, the Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) and the Helping Up Mission (HUM) joined together to take their children to Camp Peniel in Carroll County. The camp was quite rustic and had few modern conveniences, but both the children and staff had a very joyful and rewarding camp experience. As a result, the workers expressed a desire to have their own camp property. Mary Reisinger, Director of CEF and Ed Scoggins, Director of HUM, conducted the camp program and taught the Word of God daily. Bertha Evans (aka Mother Evans) was responsible for keeping the kitchen supplied with provisions. She would go to the local grocery store frequently and, being a very outgoing lady, became acquainted with the grocer, Mr. Lake. One day she returned with the good news that Mr. Lake was willing to give us land for our own camp.
      Ed contacted Howard Zimmerman, Secretary of the Board of HUM, to ask him to head this project. He responded with enthusiasm. Howard, an architect who designed Post Office buildings, was a man of many talents and a born leader. Early on a Saturday morning, our group drove to Carroll County to view the land. It was a beautiful site, ideal for a children’s camp. However, the donor required certain restrictions that we felt we
could not accept. All agreed that a search should be made for another property.                                                                                                                                                           We learned of a farm on Deep Run Road in Carroll County that was for sale. A small group of us went to view this property and all agreed without hesitation that this was the land the Lord had for us. The owner of the farm, Mr. Wentz, had been praying that a Christian would purchase his farm. A Board of Trustees was formed, and the land was purchased and incorporated under the name Mountain View Bible Camp for Children, Inc. Howard asked John Miklas, Bud Winkler and others to join him, and work on the camp property began. The camp was dedicated to the glory of God and was ready for campers in the summer of 1948.
      The first campers were boys and girls from Child Evangelism and Helping Up Mission, followed later by those from Abbott Memorial Presbyterian, Perry Hall Baptist, Halethorpe Community and others throughout the 70 years. Over 20,000 children and young people have attended Mountain View, where the Word of God has been faithfully taught. Only eternity will reveal the impact on these young lives.               Many dedicated men and women over the years have given their time, talents and money to the ministry of Mountain View. For each one we are truly grateful. For thirty years there have been many improvements to the property and buildings under the leadership of Charlie Horn. Charlie gave countless hours of expert planning and hard work and he, with his dedicated coworkers, built the Dining Hall, additional cabins, the crafts building, re-sided the Barn, and other tasks too numerous to mention. We owe Charlie and his coworkers a great debt of gratitude. And now over seventy years have passed and we can truly say, “This is the house that the LORD has built.”