Folks love coming to Mountain View – in fact, there are kids coming            now whose parents and grandparents came here as campers, and                        then counselors.

“Daniel and I were counselors at Teen-A-Rama one year and we were walking to breakfast with Gordon Flynn. I noticed something hanging from the flag pole. I said, “I believe that is my PJ’s.” And Gordon replied, ‘Be glad you are not in them.’ ”    – Marlene Wyczalek

“Gary Armstrong telling the Lollard story was so funny and scary at the same time! I was an adult but I was a little bit scared myself!”     – Shelly Fulton

“Singing “Pass It On” at the campfire is one of my most enduring MVBC memories – along with tractor rides, swimming and playing Sneak!”     – Bren Shaffer

“Another Gary moment… we had those great “Find the Counselor” games and Gary hid at the TOP of that huge pine tree and watched everyone search for him in vain!!!”    – Shelly Fulton 

“MVBC circa 2008 – enjoying another wonderful summer at Mountain View with life long friends and of course,  the best camp director!”      – Katie Romano Glemza                                                            

“When (my son) Tim was just a kid, he was so inspired by one of the speakers, he said (at that time) that he wanted to do that when he grew up.”    – Shelly Fulton

“Wow!!! What a heritage!!! I think of MVBC & Abbott, and that’s the word that always comes to mind!! HERITAGE.”     – Nancy Tallagsen

“Lollards! Everywhere! And Sneak at night. Oh yeah!”   – Jennifer Walz

“King of the Mattresses! One year the management put all new mattresses on the bunks. They threw all the old ones in the back of the barn. Well that just begged for craziness… we scaled that wall to the highest ledge & did freefalls onto those mattresses and of course, fought for the highest position.”    – Shelly Fulton